Jul 30, 2010

Finally its wkend...

Hi peeps.. hope everyone have a good wk & yess... finally its wkend..I'm sure all of you out there must be having plans & I'm one of them : D Oooh yes, Ramadhan is jus abt a wk from now.. Wow, its almost end of the year..

As usual, a lil updates from my end.. Well, wkend will be abit exciting as I will be attending basic cake deco. Apart than that, nothing special.. Have plans to do some home made chocs in the morning before heading for my class & well lets see hows my morning gonna be tmr ...

Its almost 11pm here & I'm having a short date wif hub. Well too bad he have to work.. I guess I better get going so that I can be up pretty early to get my hands on the handmade chocs.

Wish everyone a good & enjoyable wkend ahead.. Good nite peeps.

Wif love,
Foodie Craze

Jul 28, 2010

Specially for hub.

Hi peeps,

I'm back on here again. Well, now my blogs gonna be on those are 'expired' updates meaning foodie that I've cooked some time back or weeks back.

As usual before we get started, here a little updates on my day before proceeding for my back dated food updates. Oooh well, I took a day off from work today due to my daughter. Unfortunately she have rashes on her neck but luckily nothing serious according to the doc. Its such a relieve. Apart that, did a spring cleaning of my kitchen after so long. Finally its all in order & hoping to get more containers for my storage purpose. Basically its a quite relaxing day w/ no deadlines for the day.

Ok... let get back on to my
'expired' updates thts Ayam Masak Merah aka Spicy Tomato Chicken as requested by my dearest hub before leaving for his business trip. This dish is a mixture of little sweetness from the tomatoes & sugar & the spiciness from the chilli paste. Best eaten with Nasi Tomato aka Tomato Rice (similiar to Ghee Rice) or best with Lontong (Rice cake/Pressed Rice) otherwise as usual will be a place of hot popping jasmine rice.. yum yumm ..As usual, I dun have exact measurement..

Lets take a look @ the recipes as follows: -

Ayam Masak Merah aka Spicy Tomato Chicken

1kg of chicken (any parts) but I've used mind wings & drumlets
Chilli paste (measurement according to the heat tht you wan in your dish)
1 big onions
2-4 cloves garlic
Tomato puree
2-4 pandan leaves (screwpine leaves) - wash & tie them into knots
Lemon grass - bruise
Cooking oil
Salt & sugar

Methods: -

- Marinate the chickens parts with lil tumeric powder & salt & fry it till its half cooked.
- Grind the chilli paste, onion & garlic.
- Heat up the wok with little oil, throw in the lemongrass & pandan leave. Sweat it real quick till it gv u a nice fragrant.
- Pour in the grinded chilli paste with onion & garlic & fry it till it changes the colour or we called it pecah minyak (the oil will flood @ the sides).
- Season it tomato puree, sugar & salt. The taste shud balance. bet the spiciness & sweetness.
- Cook it for a lil while more before adding in the half cooked chicken in it.
- Mix them well & simmer for abt 5mins before dishing them out on a place.
- Serve with a plate of fragrant jasmin rice, longtong or tomato rice.

Well thts all folks for now. Please take note that this recipe is purely experimented by myself & not adapted from anyone blogs. Please do credit if you gonna share the pic/recipes.

PS: Apology if my illustration is not tht good. Please do pm me for more clarification.

Got to run now.

I will be back soon..

See ya.. : )

Wif love,
Foodie Craze

Jul 23, 2010

I'm back......!!!

Hi peeps.. wow finally I'm back after so long of my disappearance. Time flies so fast. Unknowingly, the fasting month that's the month of Ramadhan (as per our Islamic calender) is just around the corner.

Anyway,little update about myself, lately I have been attending some baking class & I find it beneficial for me. Ooh yeah I have decided to come up with my very own baking project, testing & experimenting.. not forgetting this would enable me to sharpen my baking skills over the time. Some friends of mine have been asking if I'm into business & well that's not my main purpose/goal @ the moment. But yeah, maybe in the near future.

Right now, my next goal is to have my blog up & updated with all the things I have been doing time to time.

Next I will be uploading some of the recipes/food that I have been trying/experimenting during my absence.

Do check it out in my blogs...

Signing off

With love,

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