Jul 23, 2010

I'm back......!!!

Hi peeps.. wow finally I'm back after so long of my disappearance. Time flies so fast. Unknowingly, the fasting month that's the month of Ramadhan (as per our Islamic calender) is just around the corner.

Anyway,little update about myself, lately I have been attending some baking class & I find it beneficial for me. Ooh yeah I have decided to come up with my very own baking project, testing & experimenting.. not forgetting this would enable me to sharpen my baking skills over the time. Some friends of mine have been asking if I'm into business & well that's not my main purpose/goal @ the moment. But yeah, maybe in the near future.

Right now, my next goal is to have my blog up & updated with all the things I have been doing time to time.

Next I will be uploading some of the recipes/food that I have been trying/experimenting during my absence.

Do check it out in my blogs...

Signing off

With love,



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