Oct 17, 2010

Some common condiments in daily food

Hi dearies,

Finally its weekend.Time flies real fast & soon its gonna be November... Exam fever is around the corner but I'm sure all the PSLE students are enjoying their themselves after the stressful period.. Well it's Party Time !!!

Anyway, I was going thru some of the pics gallery in my phone & came across 2 condiments which I thought of sharing in here.. Its commonly used in our malay delicacies day to day basis.. However I have gv it a little twist as usual to suit my taste.

Some of you may be wondering how does chili padi looks like or the type that I'm using.. Here it goes the pics for your reference.

Let's move on to the very first condiments: -

Chili Padi Kicap @ Bird eye chili with sweet soya sauce

(This condiments is best for noodles like Mee Soto/Soto Ayam/Porridge & also for dippings for fried fish & also beef lungs (paru)

Handful of bird eye chili @ chili padi
Few cloves of garlic
Salt & Sugar to taste
Sweet soya sauce

Methods: -
- Blend all the above ingredients together in your food processor/blender.
- Season with salt & sugar according to your individual taste
- Store it in your air tight container or bottle of your choice & refrigerate it.

PS: I don't use lime/calamansi juice as it will gv the sourish tangy taste aft some time which I dont fancy. If you prefer, you can add abit of calamansi/lime juice in it.

Happy trying !!! :)

With love,
Nazia @ Foodie Craze



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