Oct 16, 2010

Another Experiments....

Hi all ....

Wow again I have been awhile for quite long... Well due to some health reason.. Without wasting any time I will be uploading all the post dated & updated pix together with the simple recipes to go along... Hereby, my very own version of Nasi Ayam Penyet aka Smash Chicken wif Chicken Rice. This is dish originated from Indonesia. You can get it @ any indonesian stall in Singapore but unsure in other countries. This dish goes well with the Sayur Asam aka Tamarind Veggie Soup. Actually there's 2 different kinds of version. The one I have here are using Chicken Rice instead of plain rice. Some stall uses Fried Rice instead. There's what most of us confused about. If I get it right, the original version of this indonesian originated dish uses plain rice instead of chicken rice. The key thing in this dish will be the powerful spicy chili & the fragnant spices from the chicken.. Its so yummy..

Lets move on to the recipe: -

Chicken Rice Ingredients:
Rice Home-made Chicken Stock (you can use those chicken rice paste with comes in the bottle like Woh Hup & Lee Kum Kee)
Pandan Leaves aka Screw pine leaves - cut em into pcs or you can tear it.. This is to gv the fragnant smell
(if you unable to get it, you can use lemongrass as an alternative)
Salt to taste

Chicken Marinade:
Any parts of the chicken
Abit of curry chicken powder
Mix of garlic, onion & ginger paste
Salt to taste

Bird eye chillies
Red chillies
Shrimp paste
Lime zest
Lime juice
Brown sugar
Olive Oil

Fried tofu
Fried tempe aka fermented soya beans
Baby tomatoes
Abit of sweet soya sauce


Chicken rice
- Wash the rice till the water run clears then add in all the above ingredients including the chicken stock & cook it in the rice cooker.
- Fluff it with a fork when its cook to prevent breaking the rice grains.

Chicken Marinade
- Fry the coriander, cumin & fennel without any oils till its fragnant. You can grind it or use or pestle & motar to smash them coarsely.
- Wash the chicken clean & pet it dry with kitchen towel as the marinade need to be a thicker ones.
- Add all the ingredients to the chicken in a zip lock bag & season well.
- Marinate it for atleast an hour or best keep it overnight.

- Cut/Slice the shallots, garlic, bird eye chili & red chillies
- Fry them with a lil of olive oil or any cooking oil till fragnant
- In the food processor or blending, blend all the fried ingredient with the shrimp paste coarsely
- Once its done, bring all the blended paste to the pan with lil of olive oil. Fry them till fragnant.
- Add in the lime zest & juice, brown sugar & salt to taste.
- Serve it with abit of sweet soya sauce & lime/calamansi juice

Happy Trying : ) ...

With love,
Nazia @ Foodie Craze

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