Oct 16, 2010

Simply Quicky Dinner

Hi dearies,

Here I'm again as promised, I'm updating & uploading all my post dated pics cum recipes. I have made this 2 weeks ago for my dinner.. Been wanting to go western once a while rather than sticking to our staple food on regular meals that's RICE

Enough of talking, let's move on to the easy simple quicky recipe. I've named it as -

Quicky Grilled Chix with Mushroom sauce

Ingredients: -
Chicken breast meat (de-bone it)
Salt & Pepper
Olive Oil
Lemon zest & juice

Mushroom sauce:
Mc Cormick's mushroom gravy (instant in pkt)
Button mushroom (you can opt for type of mushroom)
Pepper to taste

Garden salad/Mix greens with thousand island/Coleslaw/Grilled seasonal veggies

Methods: -
- Marinade the chicken for atleast an hour. Grill them till its cooked, tender & juicy.
- Cut the button mushroom according to your individual preference. Whereas I prefer to cut it
- Make the sauce as per the instruction on the pkt. Then add in the mushroom & dash of
pepper. It will takes abt 5 mins to have a complete sauce.
- Serve the grilled chicken with the mushroom sauce on it with salad as the sides. You can have
mac cheese if some of u preferred.

PS: The grilled chicken is great for wraps, sandwiches or any salad to go along with it.

Happy trying !!! : )

With love,
Nazia @ Foodie Craze

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