Apr 27, 2012

Experiment with HCP (Happy Call Pan)

I did this Oyster Grill Chix for my chicken rice few weeks ago.. Thumbs up by hub and daughter. This is going to be my ever grill chix for my chicken rice dish in a healthier instead of those fried ones. Anyway recipes as follows: 

Ingredients: -
6 - 8 boneless chicken thighs - trim all the fats. You can opt for any chicken parts
2 tbsp oyster sauce
1/2 tsp sesame oil
2 tbsp dark soya sauce
1 tbsp crushed black pepper

  • After washing the chicken, tap it dry so that the marinate able to stick to the chicken. Mix all the marinate and the chicken well & leave it for about 1 - 2 hours in the fridge. 
  • Heat up the Happy Call Pan for 5 mins on medium heat on both sides.  Place the chicken on the Happy Call Pan & close the lid. I have cooked them for about 10 - 15 mins depending on the thickness of the chicken. You can either flip the pan or manually turn the chicken yourself with thongs.

You can grill them in your oven or grill pan.

Happy trying :)

- Yours truly -

Simplicity Mee Goreng

Did this sometime back.. As usual been busy till forgotten to update in my blog.. Its so delicious to have a place of this on wet cold day.. So yummilicious.. As usual, recipe as follows ...


* 2 med red onion

* 4 tbsp chili paste - u can adjust 
according to your spiciness level

* blend the above ingredients

U can add anything u like, eg prawn, chicken breast meat, fish cakes. It's best don't over 
crowd the noodle

Veg - best use chye sim or beansprout

Salt to taste

Fry the paste with oil till its fragrant & the oil float on the surface on low fire.. Then add a  
little water & let it boil.. Once it's boiling, add in all the seafood tht u like then let it cook.. Make sure the it's not too watery & should be medium consistency.. Then add in the veg & seasoning n let it cook for another 5 mins then finally toss in the noodle. Make sure it's well mix.. When the noodle is ready it should look abit wet.. Well, the consistency is up to individual.

Happy trying :)

- Yours truly - 

Experimenting Hokkien Mee

It's been awhile I have been wanting to try out cooking my very own hokkien mee instead of getting it from the banquet. Finally I have managed to do last night for family dinner and I guess its a success. Unfortunately, there's no sambal chili to go along but instead I had it very few slices of cili padi for the kick. Well let's move on to the recipe...

handful ikan bilis
2-3 cloves of garlic - chopped
1-2 slices of garlic
prawns head - more the better

Put all of them in a pot and boil them in a medium heat. Longer the better to get all the essence from the ikan bilis and prawns. As the stock is boiling, skim off the formy on the surface to have clear stock. You can adjust the seasoning while making the stock.

Main ingredients:
Yellow mee
Laksa mee
Taugeh or chye sim aka sawi
prawn and squid - blanch them in the stock
2-3 eggs
Chopped garlic

  • In a wok with a little oil, fry the chopped garlic till its fragrant and brown. 
  • Then put in the noodles and stock, let them cook for few mins. 
  • Put in the blanched prawn, squid and fishcakes plus the stock again. Let it cook it for a while. Finally put in the eggs and stir it quickly. How wet or dry you wan it be, you can adjust with the stock.
  • Dish out while it hot with spring onions or fried shallots, sambal of your choice and a calamansi on the side. 
Happy trying : )

- Yours truly-

Apr 12, 2012

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Apr 7, 2012


Wow... cuaca dingin sahaja, if dapat nikmati snack utuk petang best gitu... Tengah go thru my blogs suddenly came across dengan blog CMG.. cekodok bawang ikan bilis CMG buat Naz terliur.. Since bahan-bahan semua ade di fridge, apa lagik.. Mari kita renungkan resipi CMG gi bawah...

Cekodok Bawang Ikan Bilis
Source:  CMG




1 genggam ikan bilis yang telah dibersihkan, rendam
1 biji bawang besar, hiris halus
1 camca besar penuh bawang goreng
2 cawan tepung gandum
1/4 camca teh baking powder
Garam secukup rasa
2 1/3 cawan air atau secukupnya
Sos kegemaran untuk mencicih

  1. Toskan ikan bilis, perah sedikit, masukkan dalam mangkuk besar bersama bawang hiris dan bawang goreng. Masukkan tepung gandum dan baking powder, gaul rata dan tuang air, kacau hingga mendapat adunan yang tidak terlalu cair atau yang boleh disudukan.
  2. Tambah garam secukup rasa, kacau rata dan rehatkan sekejap. Panaskan minyak dan sudukan 1 camca besar dalam minyak panas. Buat 8 - 10 biji sekali goreng, bergantung pada saiz kuali. Goreng hingga kuning keemasan pada semua bahagian.
  3. Angkat dan toskan, buat kaedah sama untuk baki bancuhan tadi. Hidangkan bersama sos kegemaran anda samada untuk sarapan atau minum petang

 - Your truly- 
Nazia @ Foodie Craze

Permission denied

Its been awhile I have been following up with my favourite blogger. I just realise that I'm unable to follow 1 of my favourite blogger, Kak Ayu from http://curlybabesatisfaction.blogspot.com/. Does anyone know how can I contact her? :(( I guess its my fault for being anonymous follower..

Spiral Pasta Day

Hi folks.. Apology from my end, as usual I hv been always MIA (missing in action) for a long time then I'm back again. That goes on & on. Well been pretty busy ever since hv given birth to my 4 months old princess with addition currently I'm pursuing my studies. Yeah I know it's tough but hey I need to take advantage of my current situation as a SAHM while I can.

Well here I'm, decided to blog my food from my iPhone instead of logging on the net and spend time just to edit & blog about my foodie.. This week is a long a weekend for everyone due to the public holiday of Good Friday yesterday. Weather been pretty crazy past few weeks, it's either sunny or raining.. Due to the weather & my schedule, I've decided to whip up a simple dish yesterday for both meals. Let's go into the details: -

Spicy Fried Spiral for both lunch & dinner

Ingredients: -
Spiral pasta
Minced meat
Mini prawn meat - got it frm Giant Tampines, much prefer normal medium range prawn
Cabbage - cut as per your preference
Chicken cubes

Chilli paste )
Onion ) blend finely
Olive oil / cooking oil

- Fry the the blended paste till its fragrant & oil floating on the surface
- Throw in the minced meat n prawn, cook them thru.
- Put in the chicken cubes n cabbage, mix well & let it cook thru for another 5 mins.
- finally toss in the pasta & mix well

Best serve with spring onion & fried shallots. Greeny n fragrant.. Yumm..

- can replace the cabbage with chye sim aka sawi
- can add in fish cakes instead of prawn
- can replace the chicken cubes with salt or fish sauce
- choice of pasta would be better to use macaroni, penne or spiral. Again it's up to your preference :)

Happy trying

- yours truly -

PS: sorry folks my measurement are more to estimation, so it's easier for individual to adjust according to your taste. As such I hv added alternative under my notes. : )

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