May 2, 2012

Labor Day !!!

Wow... Its my 1st time celebrating Labor Day being a SAHM.. Lately, weather have been unpredictable. Some days are sunny and hot whereas some days will be wet and cold. Been wondering what to cook, preferably something quicky and simple. While was browsing thru Kak Ayu blog, came across an interesting recipe. That is Nasi Goreng Cili Kering or I shall rephrase it as Dried Chili Fried Rice. Fried rice have always been my favorite dish since I was in my teens. Tho it is a simple dish but you can come up various version of fried rice. Anyway, enough of me talking.. lets look into the ingredients for the Nasi Goreng Cili Kering aka Dried Chili Fried Rice. 

PS: Kak Ayu, I love the simplicity of this fried rice..

Nasi Goreng Cili Kering
Souce: Kak Ayu 

6 bowls boiled cooled rice-(6 mangkuk nasi )
*15 dried chillies-soaked-(chili kering) (Naz used about 3 tbsp cili boh/cili paste)
*9 shallots-(bawang merah) (Naz used 1 big red onion)
*2 handful of anchovies-(2 genggam ikan bilis)
*thumbsize shrimp paste -(sebesar ibu jari  belacan)
2 eggs -(2 biji telur) (Naz used 3 eggs)
salt & msg to taste -(garam & serbuk perasa secukupnya) (Naz used anchovies knorr seasoning)
(*ground ingredients coarsely) -(bahan2 ditumbuk kasar)
Additional I put in chye sim aka sawi in my fried rice

Heat oil and saute grounded ingredients till oil rises up the surface. Add in eggs and stir well. Add in salt and msg and stir again. Add rice and stir till incorporated.Ready.-(Panaskan minyak dan tumis bahan2 tumbuk hingga garing. Masukkan telur dan kacau. Perasakn denagn garam & perasa secukupnya. Masukkan nasi dan gaul rata. Siap untuk dihidang).


Ayu said...

wow, this is my family favourite nasi goreng..kalau malas nak masak, especially kalau nak update blog.. i just fried this..senang cerita..hehe..boleh gitu..thanks naz for trying..dah jadi SAHM ya sekarang so bolehlah selalu2 update blog kan..

Ops congrats juga for being a new mother!..welcome to the club..!

Ayu said...

eh was it new mother?..alamak dah 2 rupanya..heheh salah baca lahhahaha

nazia said...

betul2 kak.. nasi goreng is the simply dish to blog... hehehe...jus recently jadik SAHM aft gv birth to my 2nd child. :) Insya'Allah next yr will go back to work.. Meanwhile Im doing my prvt diploma : ) sambil2 tu, try to start balik my blog tu pun at times, masa tak mengizinkan.. hehehe


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