Apr 7, 2012

Spiral Pasta Day

Hi folks.. Apology from my end, as usual I hv been always MIA (missing in action) for a long time then I'm back again. That goes on & on. Well been pretty busy ever since hv given birth to my 4 months old princess with addition currently I'm pursuing my studies. Yeah I know it's tough but hey I need to take advantage of my current situation as a SAHM while I can.

Well here I'm, decided to blog my food from my iPhone instead of logging on the net and spend time just to edit & blog about my foodie.. This week is a long a weekend for everyone due to the public holiday of Good Friday yesterday. Weather been pretty crazy past few weeks, it's either sunny or raining.. Due to the weather & my schedule, I've decided to whip up a simple dish yesterday for both meals. Let's go into the details: -

Spicy Fried Spiral for both lunch & dinner

Ingredients: -
Spiral pasta
Minced meat
Mini prawn meat - got it frm Giant Tampines, much prefer normal medium range prawn
Cabbage - cut as per your preference
Chicken cubes

Chilli paste )
Onion ) blend finely
Olive oil / cooking oil

- Fry the the blended paste till its fragrant & oil floating on the surface
- Throw in the minced meat n prawn, cook them thru.
- Put in the chicken cubes n cabbage, mix well & let it cook thru for another 5 mins.
- finally toss in the pasta & mix well

Best serve with spring onion & fried shallots. Greeny n fragrant.. Yumm..

- can replace the cabbage with chye sim aka sawi
- can add in fish cakes instead of prawn
- can replace the chicken cubes with salt or fish sauce
- choice of pasta would be better to use macaroni, penne or spiral. Again it's up to your preference :)

Happy trying

- yours truly -

PS: sorry folks my measurement are more to estimation, so it's easier for individual to adjust according to your taste. As such I hv added alternative under my notes. : )



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