Apr 27, 2012

Simplicity Mee Goreng

Did this sometime back.. As usual been busy till forgotten to update in my blog.. Its so delicious to have a place of this on wet cold day.. So yummilicious.. As usual, recipe as follows ...


* 2 med red onion

* 4 tbsp chili paste - u can adjust 
according to your spiciness level

* blend the above ingredients

U can add anything u like, eg prawn, chicken breast meat, fish cakes. It's best don't over 
crowd the noodle

Veg - best use chye sim or beansprout

Salt to taste

Fry the paste with oil till its fragrant & the oil float on the surface on low fire.. Then add a  
little water & let it boil.. Once it's boiling, add in all the seafood tht u like then let it cook.. Make sure the it's not too watery & should be medium consistency.. Then add in the veg & seasoning n let it cook for another 5 mins then finally toss in the noodle. Make sure it's well mix.. When the noodle is ready it should look abit wet.. Well, the consistency is up to individual.

Happy trying :)

- Yours truly - 



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