Aug 20, 2009

What a day...

Wah .... now im back home after a long day... Had a kinda boring tiring day whereas I have spent my whole noon in the office facebooking.. :p

I have no idea why that its been very tiring for me lately. Been trying to sleep pretty early but it simply doesnt work.. Hmmm I wonder why & wonder how... Kinda familiar with tht statement..

Anyway..I have manage to help my mom checking out some stuff which turn out not in her favour. She kinda unhappy abt it. I think she must be sulking abt it. Well I will try my luck again.

I have something to confess. I know that I have been bad & not diligent abt updating my blogspot. Blame it on my tiredness. I have snapped numbers of my foodie pics unfortunately its been sitting in my mobile phone memory. I will try to get it upload in there asap. Sorry for all the inconvenience.

I gtg now.. its 10.33pm off to bed. trying to sleep early before my other half does.

Nite to all.. huggies..



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