Oct 25, 2009

my beloved mom

Hi all...

Finally I'm back in here after ages. The reason of my disappearance due to my late mom have passed away last mth. Today is the 1st mth after she passed away. I'm totally shocked & lost when I found out she have left all off us. I tried picking up myself slowly. And being a sister & mother to my 23yrs old brother is not tht easy especially after wht we have gone thru. However alhamdullillah I've manage to pull through slowly with the moral support given by my aunties, cousins & my husband.

I will always missed my late mom. She is the best mother in the whole world. Nothing can describe for those moments, advise that she have given us. I will always pray that she will always be happy wherever she is. I will do my best to give/do anything to brighten her soul. Insyallah.


Tirana said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your late mother. May Allah bless her soul..


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