Jul 30, 2010

Finally its wkend...

Hi peeps.. hope everyone have a good wk & yess... finally its wkend..I'm sure all of you out there must be having plans & I'm one of them : D Oooh yes, Ramadhan is jus abt a wk from now.. Wow, its almost end of the year..

As usual, a lil updates from my end.. Well, wkend will be abit exciting as I will be attending basic cake deco. Apart than that, nothing special.. Have plans to do some home made chocs in the morning before heading for my class & well lets see hows my morning gonna be tmr ...

Its almost 11pm here & I'm having a short date wif hub. Well too bad he have to work.. I guess I better get going so that I can be up pretty early to get my hands on the handmade chocs.

Wish everyone a good & enjoyable wkend ahead.. Good nite peeps.

Wif love,
Foodie Craze


Paula said...

What a great blog!

Have a nice time!

nazia said...

Thks Paula... Have a g8 wk ahead :)


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