Oct 25, 2009


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Finally the school gonna re-open tmr after 1 wk break for the PSLE test paper marking day. Its a very slow & quiet wkend. Well I have decided to cook a simple chicken rice. Experimenting with some of the spices for the fried chicken. I was thinking to make white chicken to go along with the chilli dipping & rice.. However Im planning to cook this dish for 2 days. So I settled down with simple fried chicken. In my ingredients there will be no exact measure as its all thrown in spices.. or what I called it masak campak-campak.

Chicken Rice

2-3 pandan leaves
Chicken broth/granulas/cubes
Salt to taste

Simple Fried Chicken

Chicken Wings (you can use any chicken parts
Sesame Oil
Sweet soya sauce
Coriander powder (you can pound the whole
Cumin powder (you can pound the whole
Tumeric powder
Salt to taste
Black pepper

Chilli Dippings

2-3 tbsps Chilli boh/paste ( you can replacew with deseeded fresh chillies)
Juice from the limau kasturi (you can subtitute it with lemon juice)
Salt to taste
Chicken broth


- Wash the rice till it runs clear water.

- Heat up the rice cooker pot with a lil cooking oil, fry the blended items till its fragnant. Add in the granulas or cubes together with the pandan leaves. Fry for a few mins. Add in the washed rice in & fry for a few mins before pouring the water or the chicken broth

- Cook the rice as you cook normal rice however you need to increase the water a lil more.

For the chicken

Marinate the chicken parts with all the ingredients for atleast for an hr or more. Fry it till golden brown before serving it with the popping hot cooked rice.

Chilli Dippings

Mix all the ingredients in a small bowl. As for the consistency, it depends how diluted you want it to be. As for the sugar level, it depends on your taste bud and it shudnt be too sweet either. The sauce should have a balance taste of spiciness, sourish & sweetness.

Serve the chicken rice either popping hot or room temperature.

ps: I'm upload the picture as I have problem with my picture uploader. I will try to upload it again later.



Salam Nazia...masak campak2 pun nampak sedap....


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